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Rue + n°Via San Francesco D'Assisi 22
Localité10121 Torino
Téléphone+39 348 416 51 09
DescriptionAt Fenicetek, everything is about the perfection of design. About revolutionising the way we look at a world that has been standing still for years. We evaluate and scrutinise every single aspect of all of our urns, because we want to make art. We want to produce distinction. The unique. As a fledgling company, we at Fenicetek mould our dedication to beautiful products with the graces of modern technology, both during the design and marketing phases. We are serious about our commitment to revolution, which is why we are the only company in our sector currently using AR technology. But we won’t stop there. Only the finest workmanship can carry the Fenicetek label, and therefore only the most consummate artigiani (or artisans) can be a part of our brand: those who take precision, care, and attention in producing our urns. We do not compromise on quality.
Produits/ ActivitésURNS - URNEN - URNES - URNE