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Straat + nr.Oude Stationsstraat 27
Gemeente3806 Velm
Telefoon+32 497 894 907
OmschrijvingNAUWAU is a Belgian art studio where raw elements of nature evolve into pure archetypal objects. NAUWAU uses wood from locally felled trees that have been cut down because they are sick and do not have any significant value for society or nature anymore. We devote ourself to give sick trees a new life after death by reassigning their place in society by creating high-end objects.
Producten/ Activiteiten"An object to remember" --- A wall object as memorial urn An object to remember is an ode to life, a symbolic piece of art that celebrates life in all it's glorious facets. It is to honor one's most beloved soulmate, most passionate lover, most dearest child... It is designed to be a wall sculpture both present and absent. To be sincere and raw like nature, to be fragile and infinite like life.