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#Zerowastefuneral talk – Saturday 2 oktober

Lezing 2 oktober om 15u – Funeral Expo

The currently non regulated sustainable burial and cremation options make our line of business a quietly growing polluter. More than you would think… Whenever climate goals are covered and the so-called ‘bad guys’ are being addressed, meaning lines of business that could be transformed for the better with circular design thinking, hardly ever the funeral business is mentioned. Imagine though the positive impact on the environment we could make together, by directing each and every single funeral in a green(er) way?

The zerowaste funeral team brings innovative solutions for this ever growing problem:
– 400+ people die in The Netherlands, daily…
– 350+ people die in Belgium, daily…

Together, we bridge the gap between the consumer and a sustainable final goodbye.
How we do this, is by making our solutions affordable and healing for everybody involved:
Our promise is that:
– A sustainable burial or cremation should not be more expensive than a ‘regular’ one for the bereaved.
– Green funeral planning should never be more complex or time consuming for the professional than directing a ‘usual’ funeral.

During this inspiring talk we will share our joint mission and story with the visitors.
We will take them on our circular funeral journey and pinpoint our current succes stories in The Netherlands. We will help them relate to a shared sense of urgency, with one goal in mind: lighting a spark in the sustainable transformation of the Belgian funeral business.

3 Speakers
Co-creating the #zerowastefuneral movement in The Netherlands:

Andja Bratić
Founder of Digital Funeral Professionals
Founder and Co-owner of Art of Goodbye – zerowaste funeral director
Project team member ’Sustainability & Digitization’ for the BGNU Strategic plan 2021-2026

Bob Hendrikx
Founder of LOOP – Living Coffin
Winner of the Philips Innovation Award
Vice Person of the Year

Koen Verlinden
Founder of FAIR coffins
Winner of the Dutch Funeral Award
Social and Circular Entrepreneur