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Are you ready for the new legislation on casual work?

What do you need to know about the new collective labour agreement for undertakers regarding time registration?

Working in the funeral sector is quite exciting, in the sense that you can never plan in advance when your work will have. That is why many undertakers count on the strength of occasional employees, the so-called ‘carriers’. But because these timetables cannot be planned in advance, this creates a lot of administrative burden.

To answer this question, a new status of occasional employee with compulsory Dimona declaration will be introduced. In preparation for this new legislation, the funeral directors’ sector has published a collective labour agreement on casual work with compulsory time registration. To clarify all of these new rules, we’ve looked this out for you and summarized it below.

What can we understand by ‘occasional work’?

These are all on-call employees without fixed hours working on a voluntary basis and occasionally in the event of death.

What is a Dimona declaration ?

Just like in the hotel and catering industry, an employer can call up last-minute workers. For this, an oral agreement is sufficient (if a framework agreement has already been signed at the time of the first employment). In addition, every performance must be declared in advance with a Dimona declaration with start and end time, the joint committee 320 and a letter code that refers to this type of occasional work (which is determined by the NSSO).

What does this new CLA mean?

The new CLA makes it possible to indicate people who come to work on an irregular basis as occasional employees (also referred to as “extra”).

  • Mandatory framework agreement
    The advantage of this is that you do not have to have an Extra sign a contract, only a framework agreement. This must be signed at the latest at the start of the first employment for occasional work.
  • Mandatory additional electronic time recording
    In addition to the daily dimona per performance, the Collective Labour Agreement obliges the employer to use an electronic time registration tool for his occasional employees. By keeping track of the hours worked in a time registration system, you also significantly reduce the administrative burden.
  • Restriction in scope of performance at the same employer
    According to this Collective Labour Agreement,egenheidswerknemers may be called up with one and the same employer for a maximum of 200 days a year; and for a maximum of 800 hours a year. this restriction does not apply to pensioners.


The new status of occasional employee in the funeral sector, in contrast to the hotel and catering sector for example, is not cheaper in terms of remuneration than the current possibilities. The sectoral Collective Labour Agreement sets the minimum hourly wage at 13.03 euro/hour.


The new Collective Labour Agreement for the funeral sector on this status was approved on 1 January and takes effect on 1/4/2019. So you have some time left if you want to make use of this new status.


The mandatory time registration and Dimona declaration only applies to occasional employees. Although this is not mandatory for permanent staff, it can also offer many advantages here.

How can Onlinewerkrooster help you?

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