New! The fillable ash jewelry from Tadblu

To make it easier for the funeral entrepreneurs, Beads of Love has developed a series of fillable jewelery in addition to her handmade jewelery jewels: The gemstone pendants for the ladies, the sturdy bracelets for the men and the wooden … Lees meer


Pludra – The Urn-Company

From raw material to the finished urn.  Every step in this production process is carried out by our company in Celle, Germany. Our urns are produced by CNC-machines which adopt high precision technology. Even complex shapes can be formed with … Lees meer


Funeral Home Management Software – Multilingual online

Real ERP, FUNERO is a web-based software application designed for the funeral world. Free of any operating system, available anywhere at anytime, on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) through a secure connection. —  


Discover Fair Coffins

Click here for the video NIJMEGEN — Burial or cremation is more polluting than we think. The Nijmegen company Fair Coffins has therefore started to produce environmentally friendly funeral boxes. “The normal boxes are made of chipboard. Three and a … Lees meer